If you really want to practice slacklining indoors, then take a slackrack! You don't need any special anchor points for the slackrack, because everything is already in the set!

You can combine balance exercises with strength exercises or learn in a playful way. It is suitable for both kids and grown-ups.

Detailed description:
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Width of the webbing: 5 cm
  • Height from ground: 30 cm
  • Length is variable  2m - 4m
  • User guide and exercise banner are included
  • Stretch band included! 
NB! Max user weight 150 kg!

Additional equipment
Slackrack is originally 3 meters long. You can buy an extra piece to get 4 m length.
Soft floor mats can be bought in addition: 100x100x2 cm soft puzzle-type mats.
3-meter slackrack requires 6 mats, 4-meters slackrack requires 8 mats
Out of stock

Do you want to rent a slackrack?
Slackrack - 30 € / month
Soft mats (8pcs) - 18€ / month
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Exercise video + setup video: