Ninjaline is an innovative backyard adventure kit for kids! You can combine Ninjaline with a Slackline to create a more fun climbing trail!

If you have trees in your backyard, you can easily set up a climbing trail! Find two trees that are healthy and at least 30cm in diameter. Suitable distance is 5 to 9 meters.

You can choose the sequence of the obstacles!

NB! Max user weight 100 kg!
NB! One user at a time!
NB! We recommend using Treewears!
  • 9 m climbing line with sewn pockets for obstacles
  • 12,5 m slackline
  • Ninjaline ratchet with 2 m sling
  • Slackline ratchet with 2,5 m sling
  • 2 ratchet covers
  • 7 obstacles
  • Backpack

  • 2 monkey bars
  • 2 gym rings
  • 2 Ninja fists (rope balls)
  • 1 traverse ring
You can add more obstacles:
  • Rope ladder
  • Ninja balls - 2 pcs
  • Climbing rope
  • Ninja wheel
  • Monkey swing
  • Belt swing

The line has 14 sewn pockets for obstacles, of which 8 are for the original obstacles that are included in the set.
Additional obstacles require:
Rope ladder - 2 pockets,
Ninja balls - 1 pocket each,
Climbing rope - 1 pocket,
Ninja wheel - 1 pocket,
Monkey swing - 1 pocket,
Belt swing - 2 pockets.
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