Adventure playgrounds

Adventure playground, also called low altitude adventure park, is a fantastic way to keep children active outside. The park can keep you busy for hours and is much cheaper than a standard playground.

Adventure playgrounds have proved to be true child magnets and they are increasingly built near schools and kindergartens. The tracks are built on a safe altitude and they can be used without special safety equipment and free of charge.

We offer a 2-year warranty for our adventure parks, during which we provide up to 3 maintenance checks (retensioning of ropes, changing worn out parts, fixing treewears, etc.).


  • Different adventure tracks are suitable for various age groups and users with different skill sets.

  • We build our adventure playgrounds between trees or posts.

  • It is possible to build only a few tracks at first and add more in the future – budget-friendly!

  • It is possible to build adventure tracks without platforms – the cheapest option!

Building of adventure playgrounds is carried out by Falador OÜ. We have MTR registration numbers (EEP004734, EEH012820), competence in design and construction and a long-term experience in building public playgrounds.

We are the only company in Estonia, who designs and builds adventure parks self-sufficiently. This is the only way to guarantee the optimum solution. Therefore, we offer:
1) the best price on the market – there are no retailers, main contractors or other intermediaries. Our prices are up to two times cheaper than the prices of our competitors;
2) speed and quality – we have standard solutions that do not require a long design period, and the solutions are thoroughly tested;
3) adventure parks with maximum duration – not only do we build, but we also do a thorough maintenance for our parks. As a result, the tracks can last and delight the users for years.

A few of our adventure playgrounds:
Nõo Basic School's adventure park
Luunja Secondary School's adventure park
Rakke adventure park
Väike-Maarja Gymnasium's adventure park
Sõmeru adventure park
Jõgeva kindergarten "Karikakar" adventure park
Tõrva adventure park
Audru School's adventure park
Lahmuse School's  adventure park
Holstre School's adventure park
Tallinn Kuristiku Kindergarten's adventure park


We offer a draft design WITHOUT CHARGE
 (regular price is over 500 euros)