Classicline XL

Classicline XL is the bigger version of Classicline - it is 25 meters long. It has the same properties as Classicline, but is simply 10 meters longer. Longer line means more challenges. It is still possible to set up the Classicline XL under its maximum length and use it shorter as a beginner. So Classicline XL is suitable for those users who want to start with a short line and then upgrade to a longer line.


  • 22,5 m long, 5 cm wide webbing

  • Ratchet with a 2,5 m sling

  • 1 m or 2 m treewears (2 pcs) (optional)

  • Weight of the set is 4,6 kg

Classicline is also available as a 15 m set

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