Slackline Set for Kids

Slackline Set for Kids is a slackline with a teaching line!

The set consists of an ordinary slackline for balancing, but there is also a teaching line included in the set. With this set, kids can start jumping and having fun on the slackline from the first step, without having to learn to balance first. Balance will be improved through playing!

It is very simple to put it up and take it down - there is also a transportation bag included to take the set to the park and set it up outside of homeyard.

If you think that your kids would just want to have fun and not waste time on learning to balance - get them a Slackline Set for Kids!


  • 13 m long, 5 cm wide slackline webbing

  • Slackline ratchet with a comfortable handle and a 2 m sling

  • 13 m long, 2,5 cm wide teaching line webbing

  • Small tensioning ratchet with a 2 m sling

  • Transportation bag

  • Weight of the set is 4 kg

NB! Tree protection and a ropegrab is not included - they can be bought as an extra!

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