Surfer Board

Surfer Board is a surfboard shaped balance board with a bigger roller than the Classic Balance Board. 

Surfer Board is great for those who want extra challenge and some new workout exercises. 

NB! The board doesn't have anti-slippery stripes and no stoppers at the ends of the board, which makes it suitable only for experienced users from age 12!

There are 3 available colors!


  • Surf board shape

  • Wooden cork roller avoids slipping and scratching the floor and also offers silence

  • Roller is made of recycled cork, meaning it is very durable and eco friendly

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • 36 cm wide and 105 cm long board

  • Roller with 15 cm diameter

  • Transportation ropes

  • The weight of the set is 6,5 kg

NB! Max user weight is 150kg!
It is advisable to use softening matts!

Guide for beginners:
  • Start with your hands against to wall for safety during the first balancing
  • Try standing with help from a friend
  • Keep knees a bit bent, head and back straight
  • Do not bend forward!
  • Practice every day for a few minutes and skill will come! 


Manufacturer: Okrafts (LV)

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