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We are building an Artistic Flow Studio performance bus that we want to use to reach every corner of Estonia and even further to offer new experiences with fireshows and improve mental and physical fitness with flow workshops.

After finishing the build we will go to visit MTÜ Laste ja Noorte programmi one event 2021 for free thanks to your Support on Hooandja.

Who are we?


We are Krista Palm (founder of Artistic Flow Studio, fire artist and choreographer) and Tauri Vahesaar (slackliner and fire dancer). We have been doing flow art for over 8 years now. We have promoted both fire art and slackline through workshops and performances all over Estonia. In the early years of flow art, there were only a handful of slackliners and a bit more fire dancers in Estonia. In recent years, the community has grown greatly and we sincerely believe that our activities inspire people to search for their passion and to find mental and physical balance.


What does Artistic Flow Studio do?

Artistic Flow Studio was founded in autumn 2018 by fire dancer and artist Krista Palm. Her vision was to create a base where artists can work together in the name of art. Today, our team includes fire and light dancers, live sculptures, slackliners and belly dancers. It is also possible to learn fire dance, juggling, belly dance, and participate in workshops and flow jams in our studio. For events we offer entertainment in the form of shows and various workshops: juggling, flow art, slackline, etc.


What is flow art?

Flow is a mental state where a person is completely focused on one activity. Being in this state creates a childlike energy and a complete satisfaction from the whole process which can last for hours. We can find our flow state balancing on the slackline, twisting or juggling pois, staffs, fans and rings. We also want to share this feeling with other people by organizing workshops and trainings all over Estonia. In order to bring them to you, we need a vehicle that can accommodate all the equipment and artists.


Why does Artistic Flow Studio need a tour bus?

1. As performances are mostly outdoors and in the evening, the purpose of the tour bus is to provide artists with more humane conditions for the following activities: changing clothes, doing make-up and preparing the body for both physical and mental challenges.

2. We want to reach people with flow workshops to motivate them to work together and enjoy a more active life.

3. We will build a tour bus to perform with a large team. We are planning to build 3 extra seats to accommodate 6 people.

4. We need sufficient space to carry all the performance equipment.


Budget for the tour bus

The construction budget is roughly 7000 €. We can cover about half of the budget with our own resources, but we need your help with the rest of the budget.


Why are we planning to visit one of the MTÜ Laste ja Noorte Kriisiprogramm event ?

Since 1995, MTÜ Laste ja Noorte Kriisiprogramm has organized activities that provide psychological support to young people who have lost someone close.

Young people participating in these programs are in great need of experiences and activities that will make it easier to move forward and find their passion again.  

At the event, we will focus on creating inspiring memories, replacing negative experiences with positive experiences and a sense of togetherness through workshops.


Where can we get more information about you and the project?

You can learn more about us on the following pages:

Have an amazing 2021 ! 

Tauri Vahesaar and Krista Palm

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