OneInchDreams Anaconda pulley system

This is one of the best buys in my slackline career! With Anaconda Pulley system I can easily rig any line I want in no time! It is a perfect tool to rig even long tricklines (my specialty) for extreme slackline shows! Last big shows were at The Tallinn Maritime Days on 14.07.2019 (setup was rigged with 2x Anaconda systems from both sides because of 38m trickline setup with Equilibrium ''Ninja line'' 15% stretch at WLL) & The Night of Ancient Lights on 31.08.2019 (rigged Led highline between Ship masts and 3m high trickline over firedancers - all with anaconda).

Picture author: Vallo Järv
I have been using Anaconda since 2016 and fell in love with it the moment I saw it. It is the smallest pulley I had ever seen! Before I was rigging with 2 giant ratchets and slow-release which total weight is over 10kg, that means 2,5 times heavier than maximum weight of Anaconda pulley system ~ 4kg. With this pulley you can get any desired tension to your line and it is really easy to use. It is compact 9:1 system and with transmission 27:1. Plus it has slow-release built in. It is a dream for a trickliner like me! 
Find Anaconda Pulley Data sheet here

What is the most memorable rigging experience with Anaconda?
An unforgettable project was on "Kino" highline at Oberammergau with Alexander Schulz (team member of OneInchDreams) where we rigged between mountains and I landed world first Backtastic on trickhighline.

I can honestly say I have been rigging 90% of the time with Anaconda pulley system because it is just pure fun and super easy with any slackline setup! Last events were Tandem Tricklining with Kristjan at Estonian first Speedwaterline contest and Estonian first Trickline competition. With this pulley You can be sure that You will get the right tension you need for every situation. 

What do you think about the price of this pulley? 

Right now Anaconda (9:1 base configuration) costs 672,55€. 
This price includes extra hydra and prussic with what you will get 15:1 theoretical mechanical advantage (TMA).
At first it looks like a really expensive piece of equipment but if your are looking for quality and light-weight tool to bring to your next Slackline adventure - this is the one!
If you feel like you don't need so much TMA then there is a cheaper version Cobra (5:1 base configuration) costs 410,90€ with extra hydra.

What is the most extreme slackline project with OneInchDreams Anaconda Pulley system?
Most extreme project was the Stunt at Germany RTL TV ''Wollen Wir Wetten?'', where I had to make 10 times frontflips from one line to other starting from 1,5m and finishing at 4,5m hight. Every line was rigged with Anaconda Pulley system. Thank you OneInchDreams Team for making this Stunt possible! Specially thank you Mirko Prohaska and Marinus Spatzier for building up all of this slackline setup!

My biggest projects with Anaconda Pulley system
World record on Trickline - Most backtastics to feet in 1 minute

Vaga vesi sügav põhi '' - Slackline & Fire video art for Estonian 101 Anniversary

To sum up I love the system and will be using it for many new projects coming up soon! Thank you OneInchDreams for putting in countless hours and experience for such an amazing tool.

Slacklife forever

Tauri Vahesaar

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