Slackline show in the Netherlands

To my great surprise I received an e-mail invitation to come to the Netherlands. I was invited to perform a slackline show and a workshop in Straattheaterfestival in Heechspanning. Since I had never been to the Netherlands, this opportunity seemed really attractive to me. I have heard a lot of stories about the Netherlands, about its bicyle culture and canals. It seemed unbelievable that they were willing to fly me there from Estonia! The inviter Klaske Van der Veen had seen my icelining video and was interested in seeing my slacklining performance with his own eyes.

I flew to Amsterdam on May 9 and took a train to Heeg. Everything went smoothly and soon I was in the performance area and met the festival organizers. We all went to see the conditions for setting up the line and to my surprise it was easier than I had expected.

The line was rigged from the mast of a ship to the tree across the canal. It still took well over 4 hours to rig the line, since the organizers had sent me incorrect information and I had to come up with a solution to rig a 35 m waterline. I had to rig a 2,5 cm wide tubeline instead of a 5 cm wide surferline, which I normally use for jumping, because the distance was actually 35 m long, not 30 m as I had expected.

After my performance I also did a workshop, but since I lacked some necessary equipment, I was able to rig only one line and that was unfortunately not enough for so many interested participants.

Slackline show went very well and I even managed to get into the newspaper!

A small video was made from the slackline performance, which can be found here:

After the festival I had a day off and I decided to visit Amsterdam. I got together with Slacktivity slackliners Daan Nieuwenhuis and Jonas Konijnenberg. They showed me around and introduced the local traditions. It was one of the fastest and adrenaline-rich visits I had ever had. We rented a bicycle for me and I tried to stay alive in this anthill of a city. I have actually never seen a city so overpopulated (by bicycles) in the world.

The city is built on water and from a top view you cannot even comprehend the amount of water in there!

You can easily get lost in this labyrinth, firstly because of the people and secondly because of the canals. Many people have personal boats as substitutes for cars!

You can find more cool projects here:

Until the next adventures!


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