An Adventure in the „Snow Desert“

The idea to go to the „Snow Desert“ aka to the ice-covered lake Peipsi came when I was planning to come back to Estonia for the Estonian Independence Day on February 24. I wanted to celebrate it with some slacklining and winter swimming in the Anne canal in Tartu. Unfortunately, two events coincided so I had to celebrate our Republic’s birthday at a Highlining Carnival in Turkey. I arrived back to Estonia at the beginning of March and as I saw the ongoing enchanting winter decided to take the maximum out of it and still enjoy the charms of nature.
Realization of the idea...

I heard that there are ice roads connecting the east coast of Estonia to Piirissaare isle located in the lake Peipsi so I felt even more encouraged to go there. When I told my family about the plan, my aunt recommended to contact the Mesi Tare guest house. The owner could offer us a tent with internal heating in which we could sleep on the ice, and a custom vehicle (karakat) for transportation.
To ensure smooth „sailing“, I gathered a proper team. Firstly, I invited my slackline training partner Kristjan to experience this unique snow desert and also fish some food for us. I also invited a professional filming team, Kristin and Armin, to enjoy the raw nature and capture it on photos and videos.
At Mesi Tare, Vanja we loaded everything necessary onto our vehicle and the trip to Peipsi could begin. We pitched a tent about 3,3 km off the coast and installed a slackline for an unforgettable photoshoot and videos.

The sight, where the sky and land melt into one another, is just unbelievable.

Setting up the slackline was quite smooth and thought-out. Soon the slackline was up and my dream was beginning to take shape. The first time I came up with an idea to set up the slackline in the middle of a lake was at the beginning of 2016. The first similar project took place on the 99th birthday of Estonia in 2017. Now I could finally make my dream come true exactly as I had planned.

The next hours went by enjoying my passion and making art.

Unforgettable slackline session was followed by a very cool acroyoga session with Kristin.

Photos by: Armin Mitt 

In addition to slackline skills Kristjan also proved to be a talented fisherman, as he pulled out 10 perches from the lake for dinner. As soon as the sun was set it got very cold outside and the only warm spot was inside of the tent. For dinner we cooked fish, fried some vegetables and boiled tea water from snow. The night was quite young but it was completely dark outside and the sky was full of stars. After dinner we went out for a night photoshooting.

All of a sudden something extraordinary started to happen. The ice started to crackle all over lake Peipsi. It was totally unexpected, but it did not seem to be dangerous to me so I was the first one to close my eyes inside of our nice, warm tent and fall into a deep sleep. Kristin and Kristjan on the other hand heated the oven all night long and told scary stories about what could happen if the ice would break apart.

I would really like to thank Kristjan, Kristin and Armin for their willingness to join me in this adventure and for having trust in me the whole time. I know to whom I can turn to in the future when any more crazy ideas pop into my mind. Big thanks to Gibbon Slacklines and Oneinchdreams for supporting the project and to Mesi Tare for the warm tent and transport.

Until the next adventures!


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