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Torun Speedline 2018

On June 22, a one of a kind slackline competition „Speedline Cup“ was held in Torun, Poland. The idea of this competition was to walk on a slackline as fast as possible. But since the walking took place on a highline, it was mentally very challenging.

The objective was to walk on 25-30 m parallel lines with a competitor and the winner would get to the next round.

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Most extreme slackline show in Estonia

On the Juhkentali 28 street in the centre of Tallinn, a brand new hotel with 190 rooms by a world famous hotel chain IBIS is currently under construction. The cornerstone was set on 20.04.2018. I did my most extreme slackline show for this event.

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An Adventure in the „Snow Desert“

The idea to go to the „Snow Desert“ aka to the ice-covered lake Peipsi came when I was planning to come back to Estonia for the Estonian Independence Day on February 24. I wanted to celebrate it with some slacklining and winter swimming in the Anne canal in Tartu. Unfortunately, two events coincided so I had to celebrate our Republic’s birthday at a Highlining Carnival in Turkey. I arrived back to Estonia at the beginning of March and as I saw the ongoing enchanting winter decided to take the maximum out of it and still enjoy the charms of nature.
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