Torun Speedline 2018

On June 22, a one of a kind slackline competition „Speedline Cup“ was held in Torun, Poland. The idea of this competition was to walk on a slackline as fast as possible. But since the walking took place on a highline, it was mentally very challenging.

The objective was to walk on 25-30 m parallel lines with a competitor and the winner would get to the next round.

This type of competition is mentally tough, because being on a highline raises your pulse which impedes fast walking. I have always taught in workshops that in order to maintain your balance you have to stay calm on a line and rushing is not beneficial. But now we had to act exactly the opposite way - the faster the better.

This time I was able to prepare myself well with meditation and listening to some music. I really believe that these type of activities help improve my performance. I was 3rd in the qualification round and this put me against Kamill who was 6th. I felt anxious in the quarter-final and walking got even more complicated. We were quite even for half of the distance, but I got used to the height and the line and was victorious in the end.

In the semi-final I had to compete against Nathan Paulin and I managed to win the first 25 m line-run. However, two subsequent victories were necessary to get to the final and the second time I fell off the line 3 m before the finish. We had to compete one more time and unfortunately I fell again 2 m before the finish. So Nathan Paulin and Antony Newton got into the final and I competed with Kuba Bałdych for the 3rd/4th place.

The last round was unbelievably intense, because we were on the same level and the winner was basically determined with the last step. I finished about a millisecond before him and got the 3rd place in the Torun Speedline Cup 2018.

This competition is certainly memorable and I will definitely take part of it again in the future. Maybe we will even organize something like that in Estonia!

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