''Man on Wire''

Spot the „Man on Wire“ ! This was one of the hardest shows I have ever done.
Walking between cranes has been my dream for long time and I am really grateful for this opportunity!

At first there was such a strong wind that I couldn't make any steps on this line. You could even feel the movement of the cranes, which made the line bounce up and down. After 1hr of getting used to the line I finally was able to make the rehearsal !

By the time of the show the wind was gone and I was ready to perform on that beast!

Big thanks to all who made it possible:
Oskar Jüssi, who helped me with all the rigging and believed in me!
@Porto Franco for asking me to make the show between the cranes at the cornerstone event!
Photographer: Kert - https://www.facebook.com/kertmedia/

Height: 30m
Length: 100m
Webbing: MoonWalk @slackfr
Pulley: Anaconda @oneinchdreams_slackline

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